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  • Ca y est ! Teacher's Resource and Assessment Kit

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    Ça y est ! is an innovative magazine-style topic-based course which invites students in Year 12 to experience French language and culture at a more advanced level. Researched on location in France and Morocco, Ça y est ! uses original photographs, up-to-date realia and first-hand encou... Read more >

  • Creating Drama (2e)

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    This edition is the standard text for senior Drama and Theatre Studies nationally.

  • Doctor Faustus (A Text): New Longman Literature

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    Doctor Faustus exists in two versions, both of which were edited from performances in the time of Marlowe. Both are considered to be authentic, but there are notable differences, the b text containing additional scenes as well as different wording. Weary of academic study, an eminent scholar turns t... Read more >

  • Educating Rita: York Notes for GCSE

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    York Notes for GCSE offer an exciting approach to English Literature and will help you to achieve a better grade.  This market-leading series has been completely updated to reflect the needs of today's students.  The new editions are packed with detailed summaries, commentaries on key them... Read more >

  • Expo 1: Pupil Book

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    The Expo Pupil Books offer a lively, communicative approach, underpinned by a clear grammatical foundation. The books develop pupils’ use and understanding of French by providing straightforward explanations of the way the language works, alongside motivating, stepped activities. Clear grammat... Read more >