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  • Alpha to Omega Teacher's Handbook Pack (6e)

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    Alpha to Omega offers vital help in teaching reading, writing and spelling to both adults and children with learning difficulties, including dyslexia. The Alpha to Omega Teacher's Handbook provides detailed lesson plans for each stage of the course. These are backed up with carefully devised exerci... Read more >

  • Mira 3 Activeteach CD-ROM

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  • Mira AQA GCSE Spanish Higher: Teacher's Guide

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    Helping every student improve their learning Simple, straight-forward teacher’s notes and a customisable Scheme of Work CD-ROM for ¡Mira!: AQA GCSE and ¡Mira!: OCR GCSE (Higher), provide you with support to plan and deliver lessons. Audio transcripts of all the audio used in... Read more >

  • Studio 1 Teacher Guide New Edition

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    Studio 11-14 French: French your pupils will want to learn! Our printed Teacher's Guides provide you with complete support to plan and deliver lessons and include a Scheme of Work. Simple, easy-to-follow teacher notes and Scheme of Work to save you valuable planning time. Ideas for star... Read more >

  • Text: Building Skills in English 11-14 Teacher Guide 1

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    Developing essential language skills This Teacher Guide supports the Student Book 1, Levels 3-5 and includes: medium term plans for each unit to help you plan schemes of work. a fully customiasble CD-ROM so you can tailor your resources to the exact needs of your students. worksheet... Read more >