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  • Comparative International Accounting (13e)

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    Now in its 13th edition, Nobes and Parker’s Comparative International Accounting is renowned for its depth of discussion and comparative method of explaining the international dimensions of financial reporting. The book explores the conceptual and contextual foundations of International Finan... Read more >

  • Management Control Systems: Performance Measurement, Evaluation and Incentives (4e)

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    This best-selling and market-leading text gives students a thorough understanding of the core concepts and key topics of management control and related performance measurement and incentive systems, processes, and critical trade-offs in their design and use, employing a wide range of international c... Read more >

  • Microsoft Word 2019 Step by Step

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    This is learning made easy. Get more done quickly with Word 2019. Jump in wherever you need answers--brisk lessons and colourful screenshots show you exactly what to do, step by step. Get easy-to-follow guidance from a certified Microsoft Office Specialist Master Learn and practice new ... Read more >

  • Windows Internals, Part 1: System architecture, processes, threads, memory management, and more (7e)

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    Delve inside Windows architecture and internals, and see how core components work behind the scenes. Led by a team of internals experts, this classic guide has been fully updated for Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016. Whether you are a developer or an IT professional, you’ll get critical,... Read more >

  • Windows Server 2016 Inside Out (includes Current Book Service)

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    Windows Server 2016 Inside Out covers everything students need to know about Microsoft's most recent server operating system. From traditional features such as DNS, DHCP and Active Directory, through to new features such as Containers, Shielded VMs, and Nano Server. Students will learn about tra... Read more >