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  • Frank Wood's A-Level Accounting (4e)

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    This edition of Frank Wood┬┐s A-level Accounting has been restructured to match closely the AQA A-level syllabus, now covered in the first fifteen chapters. In particular coverage of partnership accounts, now in one chapter; all company accounting is covered in one chapter; and standard costing and v... Read more >

  • Issues in Management Accounting (3e)

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    Pooling the expertise of leading researchers Issues in Management Accounting critically explores a broad range of issues in a concise, digestible style.Both students and practitioners specialising in this area will find this book an essential guide to the many developments affecting management accou... Read more >

  • Public Sector Accounting (6e)

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    Public Sector Accounting uses an integrated approach to the study of public sector accounting by linking accounting theory and practice for each of the main areas of financial accounting, management accounting and auditing. Examples from a range of Public Sector experiences are woven into the text t... Read more >

  • Management Accounting (2e)

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    Pauline Weetman's innovative text expertly guides students over the stepping stones of management accounting and provides a solid foundation across first and second levels as a basis for further specialist study. The text is clear, well structured and brings an imaginative approach to student learni... Read more >

  • Accounting Simplified

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    Accounting Simplified is a step-by-step introduction to financial accounting written in plain simple language. Taking students from the very basics to the elementary principles of management accounting, the text emphasises the real-world application of accounting methods and the importance of practi... Read more >