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  • Advertising: Strategy, Creativity and Media

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    The book covers advertising from top to bottom, with extensive coverage of traditional and contemporary approaches to all advertising media and a wealth of contemporary examples from around Europe and beyond. This book is the essential companion for undergraduate, postgraduate and professional stude... Read more >

  • Advertising: Strategy, Creativity and Media VitalSource eText

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    Upon purchase, you will receive via email your unique redemption code and instructions on how to access this product. Pearson VitalSource eTexts – digital books that fit your portable lifestyle With Pearson VitalSource eTexts you can: search for key concepts, words and phrases make h... Read more >

  • Agile Strategy: How to create a strategy ready for anything

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    Agile Strategy is a practical guide for managers responsible for setting the strategic direction of their organisations in increasingly dynamic markets. Through its frameworks, tools and real-world examples, it explains how to transform business performance through greater organisational agility. ... Read more >

  • Agile Strategy: How to create a strategy ready for anything eBook

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    Digital Access Code: When you buy an eBook you will receive an email with your unique redemption code code. Simply go to VitalSource Bookshelf to download the FREE Bookshelf software. After installation, enter your redemption code for your eBook. Please note: eBooks are available for download ... Read more >

  • Big Data Demystified: How to use big data and data science to make better business decisions and gain competitive advantage

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    BIG DATA MAKES A BIG DIFFERENCE. You often hear the term ‘big data’, but what is it and why is it a game-changer? 'Big Data' refers to a new class of data, to which 'big' doesn't quite do it justice. Much like an ocean is more than simply a deeper swimming pool, big data is fundamental... Read more >