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  • EDGE: Leading Your Digital Transformation with Value Driven Portfolio Management

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    Today’s enterprises are achieving incremental outcomes in a world of exponential opportunities. Why are their digital transformations falling short? Poor execution: enterprise capabilities are proving inadequate in areas ranging from portfolio management to software delivery. Now, ThoughtWorks... Read more >

  • EDGE: Value-Driven Digital Transformation eBook

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    NZ/Pacific customers only
    Maximum innovation happens at the edge of chaos: the messy, risky, and uncertain threshold between randomness and structure. Operating there is uncomfortable but it’s where organisations “invent the future.” EDGE is a set of fast, iterative, adaptive, lightweight, and value-driven ... Read more >

  • Managing Technical Debt: Reducing Friction in Software Development eBook

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    NZ/Pacific customers only
    Master Best Practices for Managing Technical Debt to Promote Software Quality and Productivity  As software systems mature, earlier design or code decisions made in the context of budget or schedule constraints increasingly impede evolution and innovation. This phenomenon is called technical de... Read more >

  • Mastering Professional Scrum: Coaches' Notes for Busting Myths, Solving Challenges, and Growing Agility

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    For Scrum Teams and Agile Leaders who want to enable greater business agility, this book is a practical guide to overcoming challenges and maximizing the benefits of Scrum, unlike books that are focused on basic understanding of the framework, or are too heavy on theory. Mastering Professional Scru... Read more >