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  • Understanding Education: Contexts and Agendas for the New Millennium

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    This text is written primarily for undergraduate students of education who are studying subjects in the Sociology of Education. It aims to support students in understanding the dynamic nature of education and the political, economic and social agendas, which precipitate educational change.In portray... Read more >

  • Practising Education

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    The text critically engages with our common perceptions of the macro and micro practices that constitute the workings and effects of educational systems and settings - from individual assessment in the classroom through to recent trends in devolution and school based management.

  • Helping Relationship, The: Process and Skills (8e)

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    The Helping Relationship is a text for learning and teaching basic philosophy, helping skills, and processes that are essential grounding for most professions and for all human-contact occupations. The Helping Relationship presents and illustrates skills in the order in which... Read more >

  • Literacy Lexicon (2e)

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    The Literacy Lexicon, second edition, is an invaluable Australian text for literacy and language education for students in the upper levels of education programs. It also has high relevance for practising teachers for their professional development. Continuing the tradition of the first edition, thi... Read more >

  • New Questions for Contemporary Teachers

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    New Questions for Contemporary Teachers: taking a socio-cultural approach to education is an introductory overview of sociology of education. Typically taught as a compulsory subject in education programs, the book covers the needs of both primary and secondary student teachers. From the same team t... Read more >