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  • 50 Instructional Routines to Develop Content Literacy (3e)

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    Some of the best-known authors in the field come together to provide teachers with fifty step-by-step procedures for implementing content area instructional routines to improve students’ literacy skills. 50 Instructional Routines to Develop Content Literacy, 3rd Edition helps adolesc... Read more >

  • Career Information, Career Counseling and Career Development (11e)

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    For those pre- and in-service school counselors, life coaches, and others preparing to do career counseling in schools   A comprehensive, authoritative look at the day-to-day, nuts and bolts responsibilities of the career counselor, from a global perspective.   This extensive revision ... Read more >

  • Clinical Mental Health Counseling: Fundamentals of Applied Practice

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    For courses in clinical mental health counseling: Foundations of Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and Introduction to Mental Health Counseling. Secondary courses in Orientation to Counseling     In this authoritative new text, students get a foundation in the theory and practice of ... Read more >

  • Getting it RIGHT for Young Children from Diverse Backgrounds (2e)

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    Early childhood practitioners and pre-service teachers get the tools, resources, and guidance they need to ensure quality education for young children who are learning English and/or who are experiencing poverty.   This authoritative book focuses on providing successful education for all chil... Read more >

  • Marsh's Becoming a Teacher (6e)

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    Marsh’s Becoming a Teacher, 6th Edition continues to offer pre-service teachers a practical and user-friendly guide to learning to teach that students find invaluable throughout their entire degree. Marsh covers a comprehensive introduction to teaching methodology, preparing pre-serv... Read more >