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  • Organisations and Management: Theory and Applications

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    This book is designed for all Level 5 and 6 (100-level) management courses at tertiary institutions throughout New Zealand. It is especially suitable for the new NZDB 130 prescription ‘Organisation and Management’, which is a core business paper, and the National Diploma in Business. Th... Read more >

  • Public Policy in New Zealand: Institutions, Processes and Outcomes (3e)

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    Public policy matters, because it makes a difference - for better or for worse - to people’s lives. This book provides an introduction to public policy in New Zealand: what it is, who makes it, and how it is made. Public Policy in New Zealand is also about the system of government in which po... Read more >

  • Write on Track: A Guide to Academic Writing

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    Write on Track: A Guide to Academic Writing helps students develop their thinking and writing skills and offers a practical and helpful guide to writing essays in an academic environment. The language is carefully graded and jargon-free, presenting this often complex subject in a simple but comprehe... Read more >