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  • Educational Psychology: Developing Learners, Global Edition (9e)

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    Designed for both undergraduate and masters-level introduction to educational psychology courses.  Helps students understand their own learning and apply the core concepts and principles of educational psychology. Educational Psychology: Developing Learners is known for its exceptionally cle... Read more >

  • Educational Psychology: Developing Learners, Global Edition MyLab Education with Pearson eText (9e)

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    Digital Access Code Purchase. When you buy a digital access code you will receive your unique redemption code and instructions on how to access this product. Please Note: To access MyLab Education you need a Course ID from your instructor. The duration of access to MyLab Education is set by yo... Read more >

  • The Development of Language (9e)

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      World-renowned experts and cutting-edge researchers provide a definitive exploration of language acquisition and development from infancy through adulthood. In a multi-disciplinary approach–and written by outstanding scholars known for their expertise in the areas they discuss–T... Read more >