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  • A Short Guide to Writing About Music (2e)

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    A Short Guide to Writing about Music parallels musical skills to writing skills, examining a wide range of writing tasks for undergraduate and graduate courses.   Intended for all writers on music — college through budding professional — and far more than a course textbook, this b... Read more >

  • Active Vocabulary (6e)

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    Active Vocabulary makes the study of vocabulary improvement interactive and enjoyable. Through thematic readings, self-tests, and interactive exercises, students can apply their skills to writing, personal experience, art, and many other formats that generate excitement about improving their vocab... Read more >

  • An Easy Guide to Writing

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    For courses in Developmental Writing and Essentials of Writing in English departments.   Finally, there is An Easy Guide to Writing to help students master grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure!   Geared to basic writers, Easy Guide to Writing offers students a fresh approach to... Read more >

  • Making Reading Relevant (4e)

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    For courses in Introductory Reading, Intermediate Reading, and Developmental Reading.   A flexible reading text that helps students become better, more efficient readers by applying skills to real sources   Now in its 4th Edition, Making Reading Relevant is a brief, inte... Read more >

  • Research Writing Simplified: A Documentation Guide (8e)

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    Research Writing Simplified isolates the skills related to research and moves students through a series of stepped learning activities that provide practice and reinforcement. At only 80 pages, this is the most concise research guide available—and the most effective.   Researc... Read more >