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  • Competing for Customers: Why Delivering Business Outcomes is Critical in the Customer First Revolution

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    Focused investments in customer success offer large demonstrable returns. Everyone talks about customer focus these days, but achieving it requires you to go far beyond “customer advocacy”: you must bring your customer’s perspective into every aspect of your business strategy, with... Read more >

  • How to be a Brilliant Mentor

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    Based on proven practical methodologies, this highly practical book will show you how to develop, nurture and guide the talents and skills of other people . Everyone has the potential to be a brilliant mentor. Mentoring is fast-becoming the must-have leadership skill that helps you get the best ou... Read more >

  • Key Coaching Models: The 70+ Models Every Manager and Coach Needs to Know

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    All managers and leaders are now expected to use coaching techniques to get the most out of their people. With 72 proven, easy to use coaching models to enhance performance, job satisfaction and motivation, they will be effective for individuals, teams and organisations. Each model is explained and ... Read more >

  • Leadership and Management Development: Developing Tomorrow's Managers

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    Leadership and management development contributes directly to improving performance and productivity. What makes a good leader or manager, and how can these qualities be assessed, developed and nurtured? This exciting new textbook offers students an academically rigorous yet readable introduction to... Read more >

  • Leading Teams - 10 Challenges : 10 Solutions

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    Most of us work in or manage teams, but are we really getting the most out of the numerous benefits of effective teamwork? All too often there are roadblocks – ranging from a lack of engagement to clashing personalities – that are holding us back from achieving the results we need. Lead... Read more >