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  • Accounting Practices: The New Zealand Context (3e)

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    Book + Disk
    The practical nature of Accounting Practices – the New Zealand Context makes this book suited to anyone wanting to increase their knowledge of accounting practices, or to fill gaps in their bookkeeping knowledge. The text has been written specifically for students taking the New Zealand Diplom... Read more >

  • Exploring Society: Sociology for New Zealand Students (3e)

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    The third edition of Exploring Society has been extensively revised and brought up to date, with reference to recent events and new research. First and foremost, the text is an introduction to sociology for students at tertiary level, but equally it is an introductory text for New Zealand students. ... Read more >

  • Gifted and Talented: New Zealand Perspectives (3e)

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    Gifted and Talented: New Zealand Perspectives is the only comprehensive current New Zealand text in the field of education for the gifted and talented. Informed by current research and thinking in gifted and talented education, the text includes among its contributors a number of New Zealand leaders... Read more >

  • Managing Organisations in New Zealand: NZIM Series (3e)

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    Organisations are all around us – we are members of organisations,we contribute financially to organisations, our children participate in organisational activities. Yet if organisations are to serve us well, we must be able to understand how they function, and we must manage them in ways that ... Read more >

  • Managing the Small Firm in New Zealand (2e)

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    The 21st century has seen a renaissance in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and an increasing recognition of their importance to the New Zealand economy. This text has been written by individuals regarded as New Zealand authorities in their respective fields and addresses a wide range of issues o... Read more >