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  • Becoming an Effective Writer

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    Becoming an Effective Writer is a practical workbook for students who want to write better university essays. The book provides instruction in the vital activities of explaining and persuading, and in conducting and writing research. All university students, including those at postgraduate level, wi... Read more >

  • Economic Concepts and Applications: The Contemporary New Zealand Environment (5e)

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    The fifth edition of Economic Concepts and Applications continues to echo the great nineteenth-century economist, Alfred Marshall, who said that economics is ‘a study of mankind in the ordinary business of life’. Economics, at its core, is about making decisions: the course of study chos... Read more >

  • Getting Started: An Introduction to Research Methods

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    Getting Started: An Introduction to Research Methods follows on from the successful introductory text Social Science Research in New Zealand (Davidson and Tolich 1999, 2003). The text is aimed at university and polytechnic students who are approaching research methods for the first time. The text w... Read more >

  • Management for the New Zealand Construction Industry (2e)

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    The second edition of Management for the New Zealand Construction Industry provides a systematic and comprehensive overview of the basics of management for students in construction and construction-related disciplines. The text is intended as a reference for students studying degrees, diplomas and c... Read more >

  • Principles of Accounting (5e)

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    Principles of Accounting introduces students to the general principles and concepts of accounting, including budgeting as well as the analysis and interpretation of financial reports. Written in a clear, easy-to-follow style, the text examines: the concepts on which accounting rests, the ... Read more >