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  • Psychology in Aotearoa New Zealand

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    Book + Disk
    Psychology teaching in New Zealand does not fit perfectly into a North American or a European model. In fact, New Zealand is very much a meeting place for the ideas that dominate these two regions. For this reason, and also motivated by the exciting research projects that are being carried out withi... Read more >

  • Organisations and Management: Theory and Applications

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    This book is designed for all Level 5 and 6 (100-level) management courses at tertiary institutions throughout New Zealand. It is especially suitable for the new NZDB 130 prescription ‘Organisation and Management’, which is a core business paper, and the National Diploma in Business. Th... Read more >

  • New Zealand Employment Relations: NZIM Series (3e)

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    Recommended by the New Zealand Institute of Management New Zealand Employment Relations looks at the ways in which employers, employees and their representatives interact, examining their motives and actions in a social, political and economic context. It provides an accessible and practical guide t... Read more >