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  • Human Resources Management in New Zealand eBook (5e)

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    Digital Access Code. When you buy an eBook you will receive a unique digital redemption code and instructions on how to access this product direct from VitalSource. Please note: eBooks are available for download immediately and cannot be returned once purchased. VitalSource eBook - A digital b... Read more >

  • Principles of Accounting (5e)

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    Principles of Accounting introduces students to the general principles and concepts of accounting, including budgeting as well as the analysis and interpretation of financial reports. Written in a clear, easy-to-follow style, the text examines: the concepts on which accounting rests, the ... Read more >

  • Principles of Accounting eBook (5e)

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    PLEASE NOTE: The Companion Website content referenced in this textbook is no longer available. Students, please contact your lecturer who may have access to the original material. Digital Access Code: When you buy an eBook you will receive an email with your unique redemption code code. Simply go to... Read more >