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  • Biology Aotearoa: Unique Flora, Fauna & Fungi

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    As a large, isolated and relatively ancient landmass, New Zealand occupies a unique place in the biological world, with distinctive terrestrial biota and a high proportion of primitive endemic forms. Biology Aotearoa covers the origins, evolution and conservation of the New Zealand flora, faun... Read more >

  • Marketing in New Zealand: NZIM Series (3e)

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    Now well established as a New Zealand marketing textbook, the third edition of Marketing in New Zealand builds on the strengths of the first two editions, covering the basic principles of marketing in a clear, concise, and user-friendly style. The book meets the requirements of the NZIM Certificat... Read more >

  • The Solution-Focused Manager: Working with the Positive

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    The essential resource for learning how to coach your staff to increase their competence! In this immensely practical book, Robert Manthei and Ian Brooks offer sensible, straightforward suggestions for helping managers to become positive, solution-focused coaches in their workplace. Solution-... Read more >

  • Write on Track: A Guide to Academic Writing

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    Write on Track: A Guide to Academic Writing helps students develop their thinking and writing skills and offers a practical and helpful guide to writing essays in an academic environment. The language is carefully graded and jargon-free, presenting this often complex subject in a simple but comprehe... Read more >