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  • Early Development Risk and Disability: Relational Contexts: Relational Contexts

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    Early Development Risk and Disability is an Australian text for students of early childhood and allied disciplines who provide eduational or support services to young children with a difference or a disability, and their families. Focusing on developmental difference, it equips students and pro... Read more >

  • Handbook of Research Methods for Nursing and Health Sciences (2e)

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    Written in an accessible style, the text is designed for nursing and health science students who are beginning a course in research methods. The Australian examples reflect a diversity of health settings which emphasises the relevance of research to students.

  • Ki te Whaiao: An Introduction to Maori Culture and Society

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    Ki te Whaiao: An Introduction to Māori Culture and Society, is intended for students of Māori studies at tertiary institutions. It is also aimed at several other audiences: those Māori who want to know more about their own world, Pākehā living in this country, and people fro... Read more >

  • Te Mahuri 3: Te Whanake Series (2e)

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    The content of this second edition of Te Māhuri is relevant to learners of the Māori language throughout New Zealand. The second edition includes new stories, explanations and illustrations. The dictionary/index at the end of the text has also been revised. It contains all new vocabulary i... Read more >