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  • Essential Maths and Stats for Higher Education

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    Essential Maths and Stats provides a comprehensive overview of tertiary level mathematics and statistics and is the only definitive New Zealand text for mathematics and statistics at entry level. It is also an excellent ‘extension’ text for secondary school students. Divided into six ke... Read more >

  • He Whakamarama: A full self-help course in Maori (4e)

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    Book + Disk
    He Whakamārama is a full course in everyday Māori language. Aimed at students of all ages and backgrounds, it features A concise but comprehensive approach in one volume Straightforward explanations with numerous examples A logical sequence to allow rapid progress Revi... Read more >

  • Human Resource Management in the Workplace

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    Human Resource Management in the Workplace is not a prescriptive ‘how to practice HR’ manual. Structured in 3 parts this text provides a primer to reflecting critically about workplace issues and HRM responses. It does not take a prescriptive or functional approach to HRM practice, rathe... Read more >

  • Principles of Law for New Zealand Business Students (5e)

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    Principles of Law for New Zealand Business Students is designed for students of the commercial law paper in the New Zealand Diploma in Business and those taking introductory law courses for business degrees. The book is also suitable for the Legal Executives Course paper, “Introducti... Read more >