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  • Clinical Neuroscience for Rehabilitation

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    For all courses in functional and clinical neuroscience.     This text is designed to help students understand the nervous system structures and functions that allow for complex neurophysiological processing in support of human functions and behavior. Students are guided through learni... Read more >

  • Contemporary Clinical Immunology and Serology

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    For courses covering immunology in medical technology/clinical laboratory scientist (MT) and medical laboratory technician (MLT)/clinical laboratory technician programs; biotechnology programs; and medically oriented immunology courses at the undergraduate or graduate level.   This complete, ... Read more >

  • Oral Pharmacology for the Dental Hygienist (2e)

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    For courses in Oral Pharmacology and Dental Hygiene.   Oral Pharmacology for the Dental Hygienist offers a comprehensive review of the principles of pharmacology and their application to dental hygiene practice. This practical textbook covers many oral manifestations of drugs of which the de... Read more >

  • Trigger Point Therapy

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    For courses covering trigger point therapy as part of programs in massage, physical, or occupational therapies; holistic or integrative bodywork; athletic training; chiropractic, and related disciplines. In addition to courses focused solely on trigger point therapy, this text may be used in broader... Read more >