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  • Clinical Laboratory Hematology (3e)

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    For courses in beginning and advanced hematology for MLS and MLT students.   Clinical Laboratory Hematology, 3rd Edition, continues its stellar reputation as a comprehensive, yet reader-friendly, resource for all levels of hematology laboratory education, offering a visually engaging design a... Read more >

  • Diet and Nutrition in Oral Health (3e)

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    For dental hygiene courses in oral nutrition A text, quick reference, and how-to manual for diet and nutrition in oral health  Despite the increasingly important relationships between nutrition and oral health, many dental health professionals may still be hesitant to give nutrition guidan... Read more >

  • Documenting Occupational Therapy Practice (3e)

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    For courses in Foundations of Occupational Therapy, Intro to Occupational Therapy Practice, Occupational Therapy Practice Skills, and Occupational Therapy Management.     Documenting Occupational Therapy Practice, 3rd Edition is the most comprehensive text on occupational ther... Read more >

  • Focus on Pharmacology: Essentials for Health Professionals (3e)

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    For pharmacology courses in any allied health program, including programs for medical assistants, pharmacy technicians, respiratory care technicians, surgical technicians, and physical therapy assistants. Focus on Pharmacology: Essentials for Health Professionals helps students learn pharmacol... Read more >

  • Phlebotomy Simplified (3e)

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    For introductory courses in phlebotomy. An easy-to-follow introduction to basic phlebotomy practice Phlebotomy Simplified is a step­-by-­step, practice-­oriented approach to blood collection procedures for the beginning health care student. It can also serve as a practical referenc... Read more >