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  • Introduction to Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice (2e)

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    Formerly entitled Policing the Community: A Guide for Patrol Operations, Introduction to Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice 2e has been completely revised and updated throughout, and is suitable for use in introduction to law enforcement courses and introduction to criminal justice courses wi... Read more >

  • Investigating High-Tech Crime

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    For courses in Criminal Justice, Computer Crime, Cyber Crime, and Computer Forensics.  Written for first responders, this text was developed to address the need for an investigator’s guide to high tech crime. Filled with real world examples, it is meant to be a hands-on training tool as ... Read more >

  • Policing in America: A Balance of Forces (4e)

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    For courses in Introduction to Policing and Law Enforcement.   Praised for its scholarship, this book uses the “Balance of Forces” metaphor to examine three primary correlates of police practice–police organizations, officers and communities.  Written in a conversationa... Read more >

  • Correctional Counseling

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    For courses in Correctional Counseling, Correctional Treatment, Rehabilitation, and Corrections.   Written by practitioners in the field, Correctional Counseling offers a strong practitioner orientation, enabling students to become proficient in providing basic correctional counseling servic... Read more >

  • Essentials of Criminal Law (11e)

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    For all courses on criminal law in criminal justice or affiliated programs; and for other general criminal law courses offered at any institution of higher education.   ESSENTIALS OF CRIMINAL LAW, 11/e is an easy-to-read, clear, and comprehensive introduction to criminal law for criminal ju... Read more >