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  • World of Tourism and Travel, The: Instructor's Guide

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    Educators only
    Contents Instructor’s notes PowerPoint® slides

  • World of Tourism and Travel, The

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    The World of Tourism and Travel introduces students to a variety of concepts, principles and ideas relating to the tourism industry. While the text focuses on generic principles as they apply to the industry world-wide, reference to the industry in New Zealand is made whenever appropriate. This boo... Read more >

  • Salvadori's Structure in Architecture: The Building of Buildings (4e)

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    An excellent text as a first introduction to structures geared toward architecture students, or as a companion for more traditional engineering / math-based courses including statics and strength of materials or structural principles.    This conceptual, non-mathematical, yet technical lo... Read more >

  • Making Career Decisions that Count: A Practical Guide (3e)

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    For courses in Career Exploration or Decision-Making — Course for Undecided and/or First-Year College Students.   With effective, hands-on activities and an engaging conversational tone, Making Career Decisions That Count: A Practical Guide 3e provides “undecided” college st... Read more >

  • Learning to Think Things Through: A Guide to Critical Thinking Across the Curriculum (4e)

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    For Freshman Orientation or Critical Thinking courses as well as a supplementary text for use in any subject-matter at any educational level.   This concise, effective guide is designed to help students learn to think critically in any subject-matter. A combination of instruction and ex... Read more >