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  • Dental Public Health and Research (4e)

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    Designed for community dental/public health courses, Dental Public Health and Research also serves as an ideal resource for board exam preparation.                        Dental Public Health and Research expl... Read more >

  • Foods: Experimental Perspectives (8e)

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    For courses in experimental foods, food science, and related topics.  Preparing aspiring professionals with clearly written, in-depth scientific coverage of food and its safe preparation. Never before has food received so much attention. Today's news shines a spotlight on food, food scie... Read more >

  • Legal Writing for Legal Professionals

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    For courses in Introduction to Paralegal Studies.   All the materials needed for “on-the-job experience” writing legal documents. Legal Writing for Legal Professionals places students right in the law office environment, exposing them to a variety of cases from beginning to end &... Read more >

  • Professionalism in Health Care (5e)

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    For courses covering professionalism in any nursing or health science program offered in colleges or universities, vocational schools, hospitals, high schools, or through on-the-job training. A balanced introduction to the professional standards and skills needed to succeed in health care Professi... Read more >

  • Report Writing for Law Enforcement Professionals: From Dispatch to the Courtroom

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    For courses in: Criminal Justice Report Writing; Law Enforcement/Correctional Report Writing; Law Enforcement/Correctional Academies; Law Enforcement Operations; Policing Systems; Correctional Operations; Criminal Investigations and Reporting.    A holistic approach to the intricacies of... Read more >