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  • Basic Construction Materials (8e)

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    Basic Construction Methods, Eighth Edition, offers an in-depth introduction to the real-world application of some of the most fundamental materials used in construction today including aggregates, asphalt and asphalt concrete, Portland cement and Portland cement concrete, iron, steel, masonry, and w... Read more >

  • Technical Communication: A Practical Approach (8e)

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    For courses in Technical Communication.   Emphasising the connection between writing and context, Technical Communication: A Practical Approach uses a fictional company (M-Global) and students' own school and workplace settings to introduce the common genres of technical communication. Featur... Read more >

  • Soil Fertility and Fertilizers (8e)

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    For courses in Soil Fertility, Nutrient Management, and Plant Nutrition in Agriculture.   Soil Fertility and Fertilizers: An Introduction to Nutrient Management, 8th Edition, provides a thorough understanding of the biological, chemical, and physical properties affecting soil fertility ... Read more >

  • Soils and Foundations (8e)

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    For all courses in soils and foundations, geotechnical engineering, soil mechanics, and foundation engineering.   Ideal for beginners, Soils and Foundations presents all essential aspects of soils and foundations in as simple and direct a manner as possible. Filled with worked examp... Read more >

  • Human Diseases (8e)

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    For all courses on basic pathophysiology in a wide range of undergraduate allied health programs, including medical office assisting, nursing, and dental hygiene. Today's most accessible, accurate, current, and engaging introduction to basic pathophysiology Human Diseases: A Systemic Approach,... Read more >