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  • Forensic Psychology eBook

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    NZ/Pacific customers only
    Forensic Psychology is designed for use in forensic psychology courses and can also be incorporated in sociology, criminology, or criminal justice courses. To educate and inform readers on the rapidly evolving forensic psychology field, Forensic Psychology breaks the discipline into five distinct c... Read more >

  • Legal Writing for Legal Professionals

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    For courses in Introduction to Paralegal Studies.   All the materials needed for “on-the-job experience” writing legal documents. Legal Writing for Legal Professionals places students right in the law office environment, exposing them to a variety of cases from beginning to end &... Read more >

  • Private Security Today

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    For courses in Introduction to Security and Introduction to Private Security.   A global perspective of security issues combined with broad practical coverage of crime prevention strategies. Private Security Today includes topical coverage that spans the evolution of security, through the pr... Read more >

  • Report Writing for Law Enforcement Professionals: From Dispatch to the Courtroom

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    For courses in: Criminal Justice Report Writing; Law Enforcement/Correctional Report Writing; Law Enforcement/Correctional Academies; Law Enforcement Operations; Policing Systems; Correctional Operations; Criminal Investigations and Reporting.    A holistic approach to the intricacies of... Read more >