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  • Communication Skills: Preparing for Career Success (3e)

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    The 3rd edition of this text provides an excellent, easy-to-read explanation of the tools needed to be successful on the job. Organised into easily understood 3-part chapters, Job Talk provides ample coverage of standard communication topics, and addresses content essential for workers in tod... Read more >

  • Design Graphics: Drawing Techniques for Design Professionals (3e)

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    For beginning/intermediate-level Basic Design Drawing courses in Interior Design, Architecture, and other related programs.     Design Graphics: Drawing Techniques for Design Professionals, 3rd Edition, combines–in a single volume–simple techniques and skills related to sket... Read more >

  • Psychosocial Aspects of Healthcare (3e)

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    For all courses that address psychosocial aspects of illness and disability, including courses in the social psychology of disability and rehabilitation, chronic illness, and rehabilitation psychology; and courses covering communication, relationships, characteristics of illness and disability, adap... Read more >

  • Mathematics for Carpentry and the Construction Trades (3e)

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    For courses in Mathematics for Carpenters; Building Construction; Carpentry; Applied Math - Carpentry.   Mathematics for Carpentry and the Construction Trades offers a unique approach based on the authors' experience in building construction and applied education. Loaded with photograph... Read more >

  • Forensic Fire Scene Reconstruction (3e)

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    For courses in Fire Investigation and Fire Science, including senior and graduate level forensic fire scene investigation curricula, especially those in fire service, fire protection engineering, and graduate forensics science courses.    Forensic Fire Scene Reconstruction describes and ... Read more >