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  • Strategic Hospitality Human Resources Management

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    For courses in human resource management in the hospitality industry.   The first human resources text tailored to the hospitality industry.   Strategic Hospitality Human Resources Management, 1e is a groundbreaking new textbook exploring human resource management in the unique environ... Read more >

  • Renewable Energy Systems

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    For courses in Introductory Renewable Systems, Environmental Studies, and Solar, Wind, and Geothermal Energy   Renewable Energy Systems is an introductory text that offers broad coverage of all major renewable energy systems, resources, and related topics, such as wind turbines, solar energy,... Read more >

  • Production and Logistics in Meeting, Expositions, Events and Conventions

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    For courses in Planning and Management of Meetings, Expositions, Events, and Conventions.   A hands-on guide to producing and managing gatherings in the MEEC industry.   Production and Logistics in Meetings, Expositions, Events and Conventions is the most up-to-date text on executing s... Read more >

  • Patternmaking and Grading Using Gerber's AccuMark Pattern Design Software

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    For courses in Fashion Design: Patternmaking, Grading, Apparel Development, and Apparel Production.     Patternmaking and Grading: Using Gerber AccuMark Pattern Design, examines every aspect of patternmaking and grading using Gerber AccuMark Pattern Design software and hones in on ... Read more >

  • Multiculturalism and the Criminal Justice System

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    For Criminal Justice courses that address minorities or diversity in the criminal justice system.   This contemporary text addresses a wide range of diverse groups in society as they relate to the criminal justice system.   Multiculturalism and the Criminal Justice System is the conte... Read more >