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  • Introductory Indigenous Studies in Education (Pearson Original Edition) eBook

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    Digital Access Code: When you buy an eBook you will receive an email with your unique redemption code code. Simply go to VitalSource Bookshelf to download the FREE Bookshelf software. After installation, enter your redemption code for your eBook. Please note: eBooks are available for download ... Read more >

  • Prescriptive Analytics: The Final Frontier for Evidence-Based Management and Optimal Decision Making eBook

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    NZ/Pacific customers only
    Prescriptive analytics is more directly linked to successful decision-making than any other form of business analytics. It can help you systematically sort through your choices to optimise decisions, respond to new opportunities and risks with precision, and continually reflect new information into ... Read more >

  • Presentation Zen: Simple Ideas on Presentation Design and Delivery eBook (3e)

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    NZ/Pacific customers only
    Garr Reynolds, author of the best-selling book on presentation design and delivery, is back with this newly revised edition of this classic book, Presentation Zen. Showing us there is a better way to reach your audience through simplicity and storytelling, Garr tackles the conventional wisdom of ma... Read more >