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  • From Acorns VitalSource eText: How to Build a Brilliant Business (2e)

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    Digital Access Code. When you buy a VitalSource eText you will receive your unique redemption code and instructions on how to access this product. Please note: VitalSource eTexts are available for download immediately and cannot be returned once purchased. Pearson VitalSource eTexts – digital ... Read more >

  • Historical and Conceptual Issues in Psychology (2e)

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    The 2nd edition of Historical and Conceptual issues in Psychology offers a lively and engaging introduction to the main issues underlying the emergence and continuing evolution of psychology.

  • Introductory Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics (2e)

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    In this book, two leading experts and long-time instructors thoroughly explain therodynamics, taking the molecular perspective that working engineers require. This edition contains extensive new coverage of today's fast-growing biochemical engineering applications, notably biomass conversion ... Read more >

  • Petroleum Production Systems (2e)

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    Written by four leading experts, this edition thoroughly introduces today's modern principles of petroleum production systems development and operation, considering the combined behaviour of reservoirs, surface equipment, pipeline systems, and storage facilities. The authors address key issues ... Read more >

  • Your Psychology Project Handbook (2e)

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    Your Psychology Project Handbook is the complete guide to preparing, carrying out and writing up a psychology research project or dissertation.Designed to support students through every stage of the project process, this second edition has been updated to include new chapters on doing online researc... Read more >