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  • Body Language: How to know what's REALLY being said (3e)

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    Never mind what you think you’re saying, what is your body saying? Over half of our communication is through our bodies, but how many of us know how to decipher this non-verbal language? Body Language will make sure you get it right every time. In seven simple lessons you’ll become an ... Read more >

  • The Interview Question & Answer Book: How to be ready to answer the 155 toughest interview questions (2e)

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    You’ve made it to the interview – but what questions are they going to ask? With this book you can be fully prepared for every type of interview question. Never again will you feel stumped by a tricky question.  From now on you will feel completely at ease and confident that you c... Read more >

  • The Presentation Book: How to Create it, Shape it and Deliver it! (2e)

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    Make the next presentation you do, the best you’ve ever done. The Presentation Book shows how you can easily put your nerves behind you and calmly and confidently deliver a clear, sharp and very influential presentation. With Emma Ledden’s expert help, quick tips and proven thre... Read more >