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  • Data Structures and Algorithms in Java (2e)

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    Appropriate for all courses in data structures and algorithms, and for many intermediate-to-advanced level courses in Java programming. Many students view data structures and algorithms as difficult to understand, but this book thoroughly demystifies them. Working in Java, Robert Lafore present... Read more >

  • Maths Made Easy: SprintPrint Edition

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    Maths Made Easy is the ideal book for those who have never enjoyed maths and have therefore not done very well at it, as well as for those who studied maths at school but have now forgotten all they ever knew about the subject. Most of us recognise that we need to understand basic maths, but the sub... Read more >

  • Shipwreck and Survival

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    On 13th May 1866 New Zealand's subantarctic islands were the scene of a bizarre shipwreck. The General Grant, which was sailing from Melbourne to London with 83 people on board, was wrecked in the mouth of a cave. This book recounts the facts of the shipwreck and tells of the fifteen survivors ... Read more >