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  • Data Structures and Algorithms in Java (2e)

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    Appropriate for all courses in data structures and algorithms, and for many intermediate-to-advanced level courses in Java programming. Many students view data structures and algorithms as difficult to understand, but this book thoroughly demystifies them. Working in Java, Robert Lafore present... Read more >

  • Heritage Tourism

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    Heritage Tourism provides a comprehensive review of the main issues and concepts related to heritage tourism. It considers the area broadly to include culture and nature in both urban and rural contexts, and presents an in-depth discussion of important global issues. Heritage Tourism is a core text ... Read more >

  • International Macroeconomics

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    The book is suitable for upper-level undergraduates on economics or business degrees taking courses in international economics or finance. Some introductory knowledge of economics is assumed.A comprehensive textbook providing a thorough grounding in international macroeconomics. There is a strong em... Read more >

  • Tourism for Development: Empowering Communities

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    Dealing with tourism in the developing world, this book provides a contemporary analysis of the potential for tourism to work as a strategy for development. Tourism for Development analyses key theories and debates surrounding tourism development in a user friendly style aimed primarily at under gra... Read more >