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  • Economics for Business (7e)

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    This edition of Economics for Business uses case studies to examine the key issues facing the business world today. Looking at everything from the impact of the financial crisis to the operation of individual business, the 7th edition illustrates how economic theory relates to real business iss... Read more >

  • Essentials of Marketing (7e)

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    Essentials of Marketing, seventh edition, provides an accessible, lively and engaging introduction to marketing. Taking a practical, tactical approach, the authors cover traditional marketing techniques and theories, as well as offering the most up to date critical perspectives.

  • Financial Accounting: An International Introduction (7e)

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    For undergraduates and MBA students taking a first course in financial accounting. A clear approach to learning accounting, with an international focus Financial Accounting: An International Introduction, 7th Edition, by Alexander and Nobes is an essential textbook for undergraduates and MBA... Read more >

  • Foundation Design and Construction (7e)

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    Foundation Design and Construction has long been established as the most comprehensive and authoritative guide to the subject. The combination of soil engineering principles, design information, and construction details, makes this book an essential resource for undergraduates and practitioners al... Read more >

  • Gas Turbine Theory (7e)

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    When the First Edition of this book was written in 1951, the gas turbine was just becoming established as a powerplant for military aircraft. It took another decade before the gas turbine was introduced to civil aircraft, and this market developed so rapidly that the passenger liner was rendered obs... Read more >