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  • Framework Design Guidelines: Conventions, Idioms, and Patterns for Reusable .NET Libraries, 3rd Edition (3e)

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    Master Today’s Best Practices for Building Reusable .NET Frameworks, Libraries, and Components Framework Design Guidelines has long been the definitive guide to best practices for developing components and component libraries in Microsoft .NET. Now, this third edition has been fully revised t... Read more >

  • Introduction to Game Design, Prototyping, and Development (3e)

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    A hands-on book that explains concepts "by doing," Introduction to Game Design, Prototyping, and Development, Third Edition, takes readers through the process of making both paper and digital game prototypes. Rather than focusing on a single tutorial, as most Unity books have done, this bo... Read more >

  • Learning Blender (3e)

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    As with the previous two editions, Learning Blender, 3/e will cover the creation of a full project – an animated character composed in a real live video.The approach will be the following: Part 1: Introduction to Blender. Learning the basics, the interface, controls, interacting with and edit... Read more >

  • Network Security (3e)

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    With ever more of our commercial and personal lives occurring electronically, network security is vital. When networks don’t have secure foundations, malware steals from us, invades our privacy, and threatens our safety. This guide uncovers the technology behind network security: its strengths... Read more >