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  • Absolute Beginner's Guide VBA

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    Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is a set of tools based on the Visual Basic language. The great thing about using it to enhance Office applications is that it's easier to learn than Visual Basic and it comes with your Office license. After reading this book, the reader will be proficient in the ... Read more >

  • Coach Yourself: Make Real Changes in Your Life (2e)

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    Imagine waking up tomorrow morning and your life being exactly how you want it to be. This book will help you help yourself to find where this is - and get there. The only self-coaching book written by a business psychologist and based on scientifically tested techniques, it reveals the po... Read more >

  • Econometrics: Theory and Applications with EViews

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    Economists are regularly confronted with results of quantitative economics research. Econometrics: Theory and Applications with EViews provides a broad introduction to quantitative economic methods, for example how models arise, their underlying assumptions and how estimates of parameters or ot... Read more >

  • Economics for Business: Competition, Macro-Stability and Globalisation (3e)

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    Economics for BusinessFocuses on three essential branches of modern economics: competition and the market system, macroeconomics, and the economics of openness and globalisation including the analysis of international trade, foreign investment and exchange rates. The book has a very strong busi... Read more >

  • Health and Safety Management: Principles and Best Practice

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    For Management and Economic courses with Risk and Strategic Management modules. This book places the theory and practice of occupational health and safety firmly within a strategic business context by making health & safety an equal partner to other strategic business risks.  ... Read more >