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  • C# for Students, Revised Edition (2e)

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    Starting from scratch, it assumes no prior knowledge of programming and is written in a simple, direct style for maximum clarity. C# ('C Sharp') is an object-oriented, network-enabled programming language, developed expressly for Microsoft's .Net platform.  C# provides the features that are t... Read more >

  • Crossing the Energy Divide: Moving from Fossil Fuel Dependence to a Clean-Energy Future (paperback)

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    The world is facing two immense and intimately linked challenges: we must move away from fossil fuels, and revive the global economy at the same time. If we continue our highly inefficient, dangerous energy usage, we’re headed straight for both economic and environmental catastrophe. However, ... Read more >

  • Dosage Calculations for Nurses

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    This comprehensive and easy-to-use guide for dosage calculations and drug administration is an excellent reference guide for nursing and healthcare professionals. Critical thinking case studies, practice tests, and exercises prepare students for real calculations so they can confidently calculate sa... Read more >

  • Human Molecular Genetics (3e)

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    This edition of Human Molecular Genetics continues to provide a clear introduction to this complex and fast moving field.  The material covered has been carefully selected and structured to provide a concise overview for students studying the subject as part of a general biology, genetics or me... Read more >

  • Inside Track to Successful Academic Writing

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     Successful Academic Writing guides students through the whole process of academic writing, developing their ability to communicate ideas and research fluently and successfully. From understanding the task and planning essays or assignments, right through to utilising feedback, it wil... Read more >