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  • Linear Programming, Sensitivity Analysis & Related Topics

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    This book covers all aspects of linear programming from the two-dimensional LPs and their extension to higher dimensional LPs, through duality and sensitivity analysis and finally to the examination of commented software outputs.The book is organised into three distinct parts: the first part studies... Read more >

  • C# for Students, Revised Edition (2e)

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    Starting from scratch, it assumes no prior knowledge of programming and is written in a simple, direct style for maximum clarity. C# ('C Sharp') is an object-oriented, network-enabled programming language, developed expressly for Microsoft's .Net platform.  C# provides the features that are t... Read more >

  • Inside track, Succeeding in Exams and Assessments

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     Successful Exams & Assessments is suitable for students across higher education who want to improve their revision strategies and get better outcomes from exams and assessments. Covering all aspects of the examination, it addresses how to take useful notes right through... Read more >

  • Human Molecular Genetics (3e)

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    This edition of Human Molecular Genetics continues to provide a clear introduction to this complex and fast moving field.  The material covered has been carefully selected and structured to provide a concise overview for students studying the subject as part of a general biology, genetics or me... Read more >

  • Study Skills for Nursing and Healthcare Students

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    An accessible, student-friendly handbook that covers all of the essential study skills that will ensure that students get the most out of their Nursing or Healthcare course. Study Skills for Nursing & Healthcare Students has been developed specifically to provide tried & tested gu... Read more >