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  • Employee Relations: Understanding the Employment Relationship

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    This exciting new text is different from many of the employee relations textbooks currently available because it takes as its central theme the employment relationship between the employer and the employee. This reflects one of the major changes in employee relations over recent years: the increasin... Read more >

  • Practical Strategy: Structured Tools and Techniques

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    A practical approach to strategy that demands logical thinking, rather than high level mathematics, in order to put theory into practice.Practical Strategy is ideal for both practitioners and students of Strategy and Decision Science.    It offers coherent guidance to combat potentially di... Read more >

  • Solution-Focused Coaching: Managing People in A Complex World

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    No matter how good you are at your job, and how good your company is, unless you know how to get the best from your people, you might as well go home now. This is a direct, easy read, for smart busy managers that shows you how to become a highly effective coach as well as manager.