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  • Family Nursing: Research, Theory and Practice (5e)

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    For undergraduate/graduate courses in Community Nursing and Family Nursing. This popular text addresses the full practice of family nursing—identifying the family as a whole—and teaches a holistic, philosophical approach. The student is guided through generalized concepts and theore... Read more >

  • Financial Statement Analysis: A Valuation Approach

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    For undergraduate/graduate courses in Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation. This text combines finance, accounting, and business strategy theory with enough real accounting information to teach students how to actually use financial statement data in valuation and analysis—as well a... Read more >

  • Providing Quality Service: What Every Hospitality Service Provider Needs to Know

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    For courses in hospitality service. Confronting the challenge of delivering quality service, this complete guide to success for existing or potential hospitality service providers outlines a comprehensive quality customer service action plan for the full spectrum of service provider roles. The ... Read more >

  • Strategic and Competitive Analysis: Methods and Techniques for Analyzing Business Competition

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    For Strategic Management courses. Most appropriate at the graduate level/EMBA/MBA courses. This book comprehensively examines the wide spectrum of techniques involved in analyzing business, competitive data, and information. Twenty-four analytical tools are discussed and evaluated with examples... Read more >