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  • Corporate Finance: Principles and Practice (8e)

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    Corporate Finance: Principles and Practice is the book that helps you to get to grips with core concepts and topics of corporate finance all in one short volume, illustrating applications with examples from well-known companies, and explaining the key principles and mathematical techniques needed to... Read more >

  • Dimond's Legal Aspects of Nursing (8e)

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    The definitive guide to the law that all nurses need to know. Written specifically for student nurses as well as those already in practice, Dimond’s Legal Aspects of Nursing is your essential practical guide to the legal principles you need to be aware of in your everyday nursing practice.... Read more >

  • Economics for Business (8e)

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    Good economic decision making is fundamental to the success of business Economic decisions lie at the heart of business. Economics is all about the choices between alternatives and how to weigh up their costs and benefits. Studying this book will help you understand such choices and how to make ... Read more >

  • Essentials of Economics (8e)

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    Why study economics? Economic decisions are central to societies, firms, governments and individuals Our lives are dominated by our economic situation. Some people are rich; others are poor. Some people have good jobs; others just get paid minimum wages; others are unemployed. Some people spend the... Read more >

  • Financial Accounting (8e)

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    Written by an expert teacher in Financial Accounting, this edition of this well-respected text retains all the features that have contributed to the book’s popularity: focus on the accounting equation, an even greater range of student activities throughout each chapter, a clear and accessible ... Read more >