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  • Assessing Young Children (5e)

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      A comprehensive review of the issues involved in assessing children from birth to eight years, with and without disabilities.    This comprehensive guide provides an overview of the broad scope of approaches and instruments—grounded in research-based and recommended practi... Read more >

  • Becoming Qualitative Researchers: An Introduction (5e)

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    For courses in Qualitative Research   Ideal for introducing the novice researcher to the theory and practice of qualitative research, this text opens students to the diverse possibilities within this inquiry approach, while helping them understand how to design and implement specific resear... Read more >

  • Introduction to Communication Disorders: A Lifespan Evidence-Based Approach, Global Edition (5e)

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    For introductory courses in communication sciences and disorders   A clear, comprehensive introduction to communication sciences and disorders, with an evidence-based, lifespan perspective.    This text provides a thorough introduction to communication sciences and disorders desig... Read more >

  • Teaching Vocabulary in All Classrooms (5e)

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    A wealth of ideas to help K-12 teachers improve students’ vocabularies across all disciplines by implementing best-practice research in their classroom.   The 5th Edition of Teaching Vocabulary in All Classrooms,  helps both pre- and in-service teachers across all grade levels... Read more >