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  • C++ Programming Language (hardcover), The (4e)

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    The definitive reference to C++ by the creator of C++, The C++ Programming Language teaches one of the most widely-used, general-purpose programming languages. At an advanced pace this book teaches how to work with compilers updated for the new standard. Students with experience with C++ heading tow... Read more >

  • Ruby on Rails Tutorial: Learn Web Development with Rails (4e)

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    “Ruby on Rails™ Tutorial by Michael Hartl has become a must-read for developers learning how to build Rails apps.” — Peter Cooper, Editor of Ruby Inside Used by sites as varied as Twitter, GitHub, Disney, and Airbnb, Ruby on Rails is one of the most popular frameworks for de... Read more >

  • SQL Queries for Mere Mortals: A Hands-On Guide to Data Manipulation in SQL (4e)

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    SQL Queries for Mere Mortals helps new users learn the foundations of SQL queries, and will prove an essential reference guide for intermediate and advanced users. Step by step, John L. Viescas guides you through creating reliable queries for virtually any modern SQL-based database. He demystifies a... Read more >