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  • Australian Signpost Mathematics New South Wales 9 (5.1-5.3) Homework Program

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    The Homework Programs consist of up to 120 tear-out worksheets, divided into chapters that match and supplement the Student Book chapters. They provide further practise and application of key skills.

  • Basic Marketing Research, Pearson New International Edition (4e)

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    For undergraduate-level courses in Marketing Research.With a hands-on, do-it-yourself approach, Malhotra offers a contemporary focus on decision making, illustrating the interaction between marketing research decisions and marketing management decisions.

  • Basic Technical Mathematics with Calculus, Pearson New International Edition (10e)

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    For courses in Introductory Technical Math.   This tried-and-true text from Allyn Washington preserves the author's highly regarded approach to technical math, while enhancing the integration of technology. Appropriate for a one- to two-semester course, Basic Technical Mathematics shows h... Read more >

  • Body Language: How to know what's REALLY being said (3e)

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    Never mind what you think you’re saying, what is your body saying? Over half of our communication is through our bodies, but how many of us know how to decipher this non-verbal language? Body Language will make sure you get it right every time. In seven simple lessons you’ll become an ... Read more >

  • Bug Club Level 1: In The Garden

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    We grow food in the garden. See what we grow.