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  • Android: How to Program (3e)

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    For courses in Android Programming.   Thinking like a developer – from the start. Created by world-renowned programming instructors Paul and Harvey Deitel, Android How to Program, 3rd Edition introduces the dynamic world of Android smartphone and tablet app development with the An... Read more >

  • Microsoft Outlook 2016 Step By Step

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    This is learning made easy. Students will get productive fast with Outlook 2016 and jump in wherever they need answers--brisk lessons and colorful screen shots show them exactly what to do, step by step.

  • Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems: Computing and Modeling, Global Edition (5e)

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      For introductory courses in Differential Equations. This best-selling text by these well-known authors blends the traditional algebra problem solving skills with the conceptual development and geometric visualisation of a modern differential equations course that is essential ... Read more >

  • My Internet for Seniors

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    Reviewed and endorsed by AARP, this full-color introduction to the Internet has been written from the ground up with one audience in mind: seniors. No ordinary "beginner's book," My Internet for Seniors approaches every topic from a senior's point of view, using meaningful, realistic examp... Read more >

  • Why Neuroscience Matters in the Classroom

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    Primarily for pre-service and in-service teachers in Grades K-12   What every teacher should know to bring insights from three brain sciences–neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and educational research–into instructional practice. This text provides the means for every teacher t... Read more >