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  • Brilliant How to Write a Brilliant CV: What employers want to see and how to write it (5e)

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    When you apply for a job, your CV is compared to hundreds of others. You've only got the time it takes the employer to scan the pages to show how brilliant you are. How do you impress them when you don't know what employers are actually looking for? Brilliant CV tells you what a prospective employe... Read more >

  • Essentials of Statistics, Global Edition (5e)

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    Essentials of Statistics raises the bar with every edition by incorporating an unprecedented amount of real and interesting data that will help instructors connect with students today, and help them connect statistics to their daily lives. The 5th Edition contains more than 1,585 exer... Read more >

  • Introductory Chemistry, Global Edition (5e)

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    For one-semester courses in Preparatory ChemistryMake chemistry relevant to studentsNow in its fifth edition, Introductory Chemistry continues to foster deep engagement in the course by showing how chemistry manifests in students’ daily lives. Author Nivaldo Tro draws upon his classr... Read more >

  • Teaching Primary Mathematics (5e)

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    This edition of Teaching Primary Mathematics has been significantly revised and updated for the current educational environment. The organisation of the book has been redesigned to reflect feedback from readers and the approach taken by the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics. Teaching Primary Math... Read more >

  • Teaching Primary Mathematics + MyLab Education with Pearson eText + Pearson Illustrated Maths Dictionary (5e)

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    Value Pack
    This pack contains 1 copy of Teaching Primary Mathematics 5th edition, 1 copy of Pearson Illustrated Maths Dictionary and 1 printed access card to MyLab Education with Pearson eText. Note: MyLab Education is not a self-study product and should only be purchased when required by an instructor. ... Read more >