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  • Microbiology: An Introduction, Global Edition (12e)

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    Master Microbiology where it matters. Everywhere. An engaging and clear approach to learning complex microbiology topics and theory Praised for its exceptionally clear presentation of complex topics, this #1-selling text for microbiology non-majors provides a careful balance of concepts and applic... Read more >

  • Microbiology: An Introduction, Global Edition + Modified Mastering Microbiology with Pearson eText (12e)

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    Value Pack
    This pack contains 1 copy of Microbiology: An Introduction Global Edition and 1 printed access card to Modified Mastering Microbiology with eText. Please Note: Modified Mastering Microbiology is not a self-paced technology and should only be purchased when required by an instructor. Master Microbio... Read more >

  • Modern Database Management, Global Edition (12e)

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    For introductory courses in Database Management. Provide the latest information in database development Focusing on what leading database practitioners say are the most important aspects to database development, Modern Database Management presents sound pedagogy, and topics that are critical fo... Read more >