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  • Continuing Physics: NCEA Level 3 (2e)

    Title type
    Book + Disk
    Designed to support the classroom, laboratory work and revision required for NCEA Level 3 Physics. Features include: • plain language learning objectives to focus student study • easy-to-read notes containing the essential information students need • clear, simple diagrams •... Read more >

  • Gold B1 Pre-First New Edition Teacher's Book (2e)

    Title type
    Book + Disk
    Educators only
    Gold B1+ Pre-First provides: a fast-paced syllabus with a graded introduction to all B2 First exam tasks stimulating topics and texts with extensive opportunities for discussion thorough skills training with a strong emphasis on vocabulary learning extensive writing support, inc... Read more >

  • How To Teach English (with DVD) (2e)

    Title type
    Book + Disk
    This straightforward, highly readable handbook is an essential introduction to the theory and practice of teaching English. It examines a variety of teaching methods based on the author's extensive experience in the classroom and with teachers in training. The book offers ideas on lesson planning an... Read more >

  • New Total English Advanced Students' Book with Active Book Pack (2e)

    Title type
    Book + Disk
    In every student book you will find: Extensive speaking, pronunciation and vocabulary sections Thorough grammar sections with clear examples and practice Comprehensive listening activities with scripts Contemporary, engaging reading materials taken from authentic sources ... Read more >

  • Pearson English Active Readers Level 1: The Wrong Man (Book + CD) (2e)

    Title type
    Book + Disk
    This reader is accompanied with a CD that contains the full audio of the text in MP3 format. A man wants to kill the Police Commissioner. But who is he? Can Steve Malone find the killer? He only has two days. An Australian thriller told in cartoon form.