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  • Listos! 2 Rojo Teacher's Guide

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    The Teacher's Guides for ¡Listos! show where Framework objectives are launched and reinforced. Starters and plenaries are provided for each unit to help you teach structured lessons. Concise notes guide you though each unit in the book. Tape transcripts and answers to the activities are pr... Read more >

  • Katzensprung 1 Teacher's Resource and Assessment Kit

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    The Teacher's Resource and Assessment Kit provides a wealth of photocopiable material. Each chapter contains: assessment tasks in grammar and vocabulary, speaking, listening, reading and writing detailed teacher notes a sequencing checklist scripts for Katzensprung 1 Workbo... Read more >

  • Katzensprung 1 Audio CDs

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    The Audio CDs feature native speakers in lively renditions of the listening comprehension, photo-stories, songs and pronunciation drills featured in the course. Katzensprung 1 is designed for students new to German. Students will get to know Andreas, Julia, Patrick and Sabrina, a group of teenage f... Read more >

  • Ca y est ! Teacher's Resource and Assessment Kit

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    Ça y est ! is an innovative magazine-style topic-based course which invites students in Year 12 to experience French language and culture at a more advanced level. Researched on location in France and Morocco, Ça y est ! uses original photographs, up-to-date realia and first-hand encou... Read more >

  • Touche ! 2 Teacher's Manual with Audio CD

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    The Teacher's Manual with Audio CD comes as a loose-leaf, folder-ready package that contains pages showing correlations with your state curriculum guidelines and Audio CD. There are practical suggestions for teaching the course and lots of photocopiable assessment material geared to specific learnin... Read more >