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  • The Developing Child, Pearson New International Edition (13e)

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    The Developing Child gives students the tools they need to organise, retain, and apply information from the broad field of child psychology, while offering balanced coverage of theory and application. Through The Developing Child Helen Bee and Denise Boyd generate excitement about scientific inquir... Read more >

  • Adolescent, The: Pearson New International Edition: Development, Relationships, and Culture (13e)

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    For undergraduate courses in Adolescence and Adolescent Development The Adolescent: Development, Relationships and Culture offers an eclectic, interdisciplinary approach to the study of adolescence, presenting both psychological and sociological viewpoints as well as educational, demographic, a... Read more >

  • Human Communication: The Basic Course, Global Edition (13e)

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      Provides a thorough foundation in the theory, research, and skills of communication Human Communication: The Basic Course provides an in-depth look at the concepts and principles of human communication, emphasizing public speaking, interpersonal communication, and small group communicati... Read more >

  • Basic Business Statistics, Global Edition (13e)

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    For courses in Business Statistics. Berenson shows students how statistics is used in each functional area of business.

  • Religions of the World (13e)

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    For courses in World Religions The histories, deep-seated beliefs, and ethical systems that make up the world’s religions are some of the most important forces at play on our incredibly diverse planet. Religions of the World, 13th Edition guides students as they explore each of the w... Read more >